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Oh Deer! How to Prevent Deer from Destroying Your Garden

The Community Gardens are located near the Ranson Civic Center. While it's a long way from being a "big city" environment, it's not exactly rural either. However, this doesn't prevent us from having problems with wandering deer stopping by to eat our plants. Which is exactly what happened with our sweet potato plants last week. [...]

Oh Deer! How to Prevent Deer from Destroying Your Garden2016-07-05T09:53:36-04:00

Happy Belated Summer Solstice!

Yesterday was the longest day of 2016. Summer has now officially begun and things are booming in the gardens. Thanks for all the help the Harvest Pointe Community Church youth group provided at the community garden last week.  We're a lot further along because of everyone's efforts.  They helped clear the weeds, build raised beds, reorganize [...]

Happy Belated Summer Solstice!2016-06-21T09:12:28-04:00

Jetsetter Tomatoes

One of the advantages of the community gardens is that we get a chance to try out a wide range of vegetables and varieties. If you come out and visit you'll find containers and raised beds full of tomato plants. And, as mentioned before, we are trying out all kinds of different varieties and types [...]

Jetsetter Tomatoes2016-11-03T12:17:45-04:00

What in the World is a “High Tunnel”?

If you're driving by the Ranson Civic Center and see a large metal structure covered in plastic and wonder what it is, it's the Ranson Old Town Community Gardens High Tunnel. If your next question is "ok, great, what's a high tunnel" the short answer is it's a type of greenhouse. The longer answer comes [...]

What in the World is a “High Tunnel”?2016-11-03T12:17:45-04:00

Ranson Festival Fun

Ranson Old Town Community Gardens attended the Ranson Festival and Car Show on Saturday, June 4th. It's a great event and it gave us a chance to meet some new and old friends. Interestingly, there was a lot of interest in the bee pamphlets--a number of people wanted to discuss beekeeping and the life of [...]

Ranson Festival Fun2016-06-06T16:23:39-04:00